FESTIVAALI! 2015 (English version)

/ 2nd Finnish Performance Festival in Berlin

Finland weeks at Discounter: New narratives and extraordinary performances from the North of Europe! The Finns are strange to us? High time to get to know them better! Following up last year’s first short but hot FESTIVAALI!, this year, Theaterdiscounter has prepared her stage for long lasting three weeks and dimmed the lights in order make the Berlin audience fall in love with some of the most interesting artists of Finnish performance and Live Art. We are excited about and full of anticipation for Finnish charm and Finnish accuracy, for weird humour, physical approaches and big issues renegotiated.

Two of the performances are presented in Germany for the first time, one returns to Berlin after six years, 12 years after its premiere, while another one is still in the course of creation.

This years programme:

June 26 / 27
20:00 ANNIKA DOES SWANLAKE by Annika Tudeer

July 03 / 04

20:00 MAKE MY DAY by Pilvi Porkola

July 08 / 09

19:00 EXECUTED STORIES by Juha Valkeapää

July 11

11:00 Workshop on APPROACHING THE SCHIZOPRODUCTION with Tero Nauha
13.30 Lecture: KNOWLEDGE IS NOT KNOWING by Tero Nauha

July 11 / 12

20:00 THE WANDERER by Tero Nauha, Kristian Smeds , Juha Valkeapää

A festival by Theaterdiscounter Organised by Michael Müller / Christopher Hewitt Press Kerstin Böttcher In collaboration with New Performance Turku / Mad House Helsinki Supported by Finnland-Institut Berlin / Finnische Botschaft Berlin / TINFO. Theater Info Finnland media partner taz. die tageszeitung.

Tickets € 13,- / reduced € 8,-
Double Bill on July 3 / 4 € 15,- / reduced € 10,-
Festival Ticket € 28,- / reduced € 20,-