I IN WONDERLAND (English version)

/ fantastic animation - film - theater

28 / 29 December 2016 & 2 / 3 + 7 / 8 January 2017 (= Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun):
11.00/11.30/12.00 + 13.00/13.30/14.00 + 15.00/15.30/16.00 + 17.00/17.30/18.15

30 December 2016 + 6 January 2017 (=Fri):
15.00/15.30/16.00 + 17.00/17.30/18.00 Uhr + 19.00/19.30

28 December 2016 — premiere English version
*** All performances at 18.15 / 19.00 / 19.30 in Englisch***
(Additional English language performances can be arranged for groups of 9 by contacting Theaterdiscounter by phone: 030 – 28 09 30 62)

Each performance is limited to 9 audience members. Please book online.

Please notice: only performances at 18.15 / 19.00 / 19.30 are in English

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Inspired by classic children’s books and their illustrations - such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, post theater thought up their own original and visual stories that can speak to children and adults at the same time. Then they invited animation film artists to interpret their stories with hand-drawn animations. Now, by walking through a traversable media installation, the audience can experience fantastic adventures of moles digging around the world in 80 days, the wild boy Matz sailing with his bath tub to the southern Pacific and Henry the dancing horse - to name just a few. I in Wonderland is a theme park with animated film, theater and media art. The show returns to Berlin after 120 sold-out shows – and features performances in English for the very first time.

“Full of surprises... The funny, yet touching stories are told with lightness and grace - and in very special spaces. ... A journey into this wonderland will stay with you.” (Luftballon Magazine)

Idea/concept Hiroko Tanahashi Artistic direction/text post theater (Hiroko Tanahashi/Max Schumacher) Animators Johannes Krohn/Kerstin Ungers/Silvia Sardellaro Live performers Eray Egilmez/Patrick Khatami/Robert Wolfram/Pia Bursch Sound/ music Sibin Vassilev Voice actors Daniel Brunet/Catherine Duquette/Carrie Getman/Shaun Lawton/Tomas Sinclair Spencer Surround video-programming Yoann Trellu Production management Mario Stumpfe Funded by Mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs/ Kulturamt Stuttgart/ LAFT Baden-Württemberg/ Land Baden- Württemberg/ Fonds Darstellende Künste/Akademie Schloss Solitude

Tickets Children (14 years of age or younger): € 5 / Adults (15 years of age and up): € 12

Tickets are only available online at www.reservix.de or at the theater box offices