LA STRADA MOLESTA (English version)

a Virtual-Reality-World by Silvia Albarella

half hourly from 2 PM till 8:30 PM

2 persons per slot. Please book online or by tickets here

Language of your choise English, German, Italien

A dark city full of shouting, motorbikes whizzing past and bags being torn away. Set designer Silvia Albarella grew up in Naples and has translated an atmosphere from her memories into virtual reality.

La Strada Molesta opens up a self-drawn walk-in world for one person at a time. 3D landscapes, soundscapes and text fragments - inspired by Elena Ferrante's novel Trubling Love - create an intense experience of disquiet in a public space that merges Naples and Berlin.

Artistic Director/VR Stage Design & Costume Picture Silvia Albarella Performance Yuko Matsuyama Artistic Collaboration/VR CyberRäuber (Björn Lengers, Marcel Karnapke) Text Maike Wetzel Soundcollages Tobias Dutschke Assistance Ivan Maaz Production Manager Elisa Calosi Sound Scenography TAUCHER Sound Scenografy Voices Vernesa Berbo / Yvette Coetzee / Carla Ferraro Production Silvia Albarella in Cooperation CyberRäuber Promoted by Fonds Darstellende Künste