LIE WITH ME (English version)

Glossy Pain

in the context of COMMON SENSES – Mono Doubles

Englisch, Übertitel Deutsch

The performance seeks new ways of understanding and is an invitation to get in bed with each other, be vulnerable, and explore the Common Senses that define our desire. Glossy Pain draws attention to lies, legends and narratives that shape our sexual lives.

Inspired by critical thinkers like Katherine Angel and Emilia Roig, Glossy Pain asks: How can we be soft and tender with each other when the world around us constantly demands hardness? We seek intimacy, get naked, strive for common ground. Not infrequently, we fail at this. Also, because contradictions creep into our honesty with each other.

The solo questions how much of our shared experience is based on “necessary lies.” How can we expect others to be honest if we are not even honest with ourselves? In the search for understanding and connection, it is necessary to re-explore languages of love that do not already dictate who we must be, but who we can still become.

With Riah Knight Text Riah Knight / Katharina Stoll / Angelika Schmidt Music / Songwriting Riah Knight Direction Katharina Stoll Dramaturgy Angelika Schmidt Costume Wicke Naujoks Production Jack Willenbacher Coproduction TD Berlin - Monologfestival 2023 The Monologfestival is supported by the four-year festival funding of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion Berlin

Glossy Pain works as a multilingual collective on feminist, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist issues. Following Audre Lorde, the collective’s mission is to liberate eroticism as a force from the clutches of patriarchy and to use it as an engine to create a utopia of free, collaborative work far from hierarchical, patriarchal structures. The collective premiered its first production, “Bang!” at TD Berlin in June 2021. This was followed by “Seymour” by Anne Lepper at TD Berlin in 2022 and a rewrite of “Woyzeck” after Georg Büchner at the theater an der Ruhr in early 2023.

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