(love.abz)3 (English Version)

/ Otso Huopaniemi & Co.

13 Nov 2015

14 Nov 2015

15 Nov 2015

16 Nov 2015

17 Nov 2015

A long journey from the personal to the technological and back culminates in (love.abz)3 , a new performance piece by Otso Huopaniemi & Co. Using machine translation and speech recognition technology, the performance explores the human in the machine and the machinic in the human. Utilizing personal text fragments created by the performers in rehearsals, (love.abz)3 asks what remains of the “original” and of the “human voice” in a continuous live process of translation and transformation that all but erases its starting point. With ten performers from four cities on two continents, (love.abz)3 gives voice to five different native tongues – or rather six, as the computer has a language of its own. While the audience is free to roam in and out of the space, the performers continue their persistent, at times humoristic interaction with machines that become all the more vocal and unpredictable as their processors perform to the limit and perhaps beyond.

Post-Show Talk with the performers, in collaboration with Theaterscoutings; moderated by Laura Hirvi, the director of The Finnish Institute Germany

Performance Catherine Copplestone / Josep Caballero García / Emily Gleeson / Leo Kirjonen / Alexander Komlosi / Meri Koivisto / Lee Meir / Teemu Miettinen / Ania Nowak / Eeva Semerdjiev Conceived & Directed by Otso Huopaniemi Stage & Lighting Design Johannes Maas Costumes Lee Meir Production Annett Hardegen A Production by Otso Huopaniemi in Cooperation with Theaterdiscounter Berlin Supported by Kone Foundation (FIN) / Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. / The Governing Mayer of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs / Finnish Cultural Foundation SKR / The Finnish Institute Germany

(love.abz)³ ist das result of a series that started in 2010 when Otso Huopaniemi had Google Translate translate his play An ABZ of Love from Finnish to English and back several times.The performance (love.abz)³ unites all parts of the series that were staged in New York, Helsinki and Berlin with local performers, and presents the results of Huopaniemi‘s studies of language and of comprehension of our relationship with machines. The performance initiates a form of improvisatory, collaborative writing as well as a new understanding of relations: text vs. performance and humans vs. machines.

€ 13,- / reduced € 8,-