MAKE MY DAY (English Version)

/ by Pilvi Porkola (work in progress)

03. Jul

Fr, 20:00

04. Jul

Sa, 20:00

performance in English (German description here)

On most days we do things: standing in a bus or sitting in the front of a computer, we have techniques to carry shopping bags or to open doors. How we do what we do, our daily routines affect our bodies. But to which extent does it form our brains, characters, love techniques? How many ways of walking can you do? How do white boots influence your way of walking? Does a jacket change your posture? Or even your identity?

Performance artist Pilvi Porkola invited three choreographers to work with her for three days each to create material for the performance Make My Day. The starting point was to be influenced to choreographer’s work and everyday life. The outcome is a series of acts consisting questions of constructed identity, female/male gestures and habits of body in everyday life.

Duration: 45 mins.

In the context of
Finnish Performance Festival

Devising /performing Pilvi Porkola Choreography Finland Sonya Lindfors / Heli Meklin / Soile Lahdenperä Choreography Berlin residence Ana Laura Lozza Support TINFO - Theatre Info Finland has supported the mobility of Finnish theatre artists Media Partner taz. die tageszeitung

Pilvi Porkola is a performance artist, writer, teacher and artistic researcher. She is graduated as Doctor of Arts in University of Arts Helsinki 2014. In her thesis, she focused on documenting, autobiographical material, and politics of performance. Make my day will premiere at Mad House Helsinki in autumn 2015. Before this work in progress presentation, Pilvi Porkola collaborated with a local choreographer from Berlin during a very short residency at Theaterdiscounter.

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