/ by Leena Kela

03. Jul

Fr, 21:15

04. Jul

Sa, 21:15

performance in English (German description here)

A woman takes a bag of D = dirt and pours the content on the floor. She breaks a boiled E = egg on her forehead, peels the egg, puts it in her mouth and eats it. She picks up a bucket of F = flowers and swings them in her hand. She plants the flowers in the dirt, kneels down, picks one of the flowers with her mouth and eats the flower. She gets up, takes G = glitter powder, mixes it with cream and rubs the glitter on her face until her whole face turns golden.

In her performance The Alphabets of Performance Art Leena Kela performs with the materials and objects that are typical for performance art. The performance is based on 15 years of research within the art form. Leena Kela has selected 26 different materials and objects that form the language of performance art and she will perform them from A to Z. If A is an apple, What do you think P could be? Paint, paper, piss?

Duration: 45 mins.

In the context of
Finnish Performance Festival

Devising /performing Leena Kela Photo Roope Pellinen Supported by Arts Promotion Centre, Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi / Finnish Arts Society media partner taz. die tageszeitung

Leena Kela (1979, Finland) is a performance artist whose work evolves from observing the everyday life and phenomena. She has presented over 100 performances in a number of contexts in Finland, and internationally in performance art festivals across Europe as well as in Northern America, Southern America and Russia. She has a MA in Performance Art and Theory (Theatre Academy, Helsinki 2010) and a BA in performance art (Turku Arts Academy, Turku 2003). Currently, she works as an artistic director of the annual New Performance Turku Festival for performance and Live Art and in the executive board at the Mad House production house for performance in Helsinki. She is starting her practice based PhD studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki researching the language of performance art.

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