/ Johannes Dullin

Simple lighting, no special effects, no stage set.

The Best Piece of this Season only needs its author who at the same time is its performer who he is himself. This author is in his late thirties, lives in the countryside with his family and finally wants to achieve his breakthrough. He gives himself one night to write the best piece of the season.

What comes next? A thrilling dramaturgy that is characterized by the simultaneity of the moments of writing and performing – a hovering between reality and fiction. We are witnessing a confusing and blissful play of thoughts where will, failure and success as well as past and presence become one.

Dullin is a master of storytelling between banality and profundity and after a long time he is finally back on stage in Berlin. Through this evening, Dullin succeeds in creating moments of immediate contemporaneity and human fraternization.

The audience becomes an ally and accomplice and at the same time a projection screen that is literally penetrated by the diverse moods of this night of writing and performing. Despite the minimal stage set the radius of events ranges from intimate proximity to the expanse of an (intellectual) cosmos.

Text/Performance Johannes Dullin Dramaturgy Marius Schaffter Realisation as part of the Master studies programme Expanded Theater at Hochschule der Künste Bern

Tickets € 13,- / reduced € 8,-